The T-shirt that does not get dirty

One of San Francisco student, Aamir Patel, He invented a shirt that does not get dirty and without spot. The secret of this unusual product is in the fabric, characterized by silicon particles bound to the fibers at the microscopic level.

E 'for some time that Patel had the dream to make a shirt like this: for the first prototype, It realized about a year and a half ago, He had just sprayed the fabric with the hydrophobic liquid, but he realized that in this way the tissue would quickly lose its properties, and therefore he has studied various solutions based on nanotechnology.

The T-shirt, He tells those who have tried, It does not give different sensations from those of a normal T-shirt. Patel said that the shirts should retain the peculiar properties for about 80 washings, an appreciable duration Whereas given the characteristics of the fabric, there should be less need to frequently wash the head. The cost of the shirts should be about 50 dollars.
Source :https://notizie.delmondo.info/

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